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Offshore Trust vs. Liechtenstein Foundation


-- Do you have absolute confidence in the fiduciary under whom

your assets are going to be managed?


Trust – the most popular asset management

Do the riches hold and manage their assets by themselves?  No, they donft (and they should not do that way, either).  Most of their assets are held indirectly in the form of trusts, corporations, partnerships, etc. 


Among other things, trust is the most popular way of asset management as approximately a half of the assets of the rich are held and managed by trustees under the form of trust.


Protect assets even if bankrupt

Trust can protect your assets against almost all the creditors, including tax authorities.  It is not an exaggeration if you say that trusts can protect your assets and keep you wealthy even when you are bankrupt.  Trust can also keep assets at the settlerfs death because it is maintained under the trustee separately from the assets directly owned by the dead settler.  Presently trusts established in the offshore financial centers are functioning as a most important part of asset management and tax planning for the wealthy.


Liechtenstein Family Foundation

Trust is a product of the common law.  In other words, it has been developed principally in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of asset/property management.  However, a similar system can be found in the continental Europe.  It is called the Liechtenstein Foundation or Liechtenstein Family Foundation.


Foundation for family purpose

Generally speaking, in most of the countries, a gfoundationh is a corporation for a charitable purpose.  In Liechtenstein, however, you can establish a foundation for the purpose of protecting your assets for your family.  That is why it is called Liechtenstein Family Foundation.  Liechtenstein Family Foundations are exempt from Liechtenstein income tax.  To establish and maintain such foundation is possible at very low cost.


How to find a trustable fiduciary?

Needless to say, you must have a trustee (for trust) or a director (for foundation) to establish an offshore trust or a Liechtenstein Family Foundation.  Most of the cases, you must ask for fiduciary businesses such as lawyers, consulting firms or trust companies in the applicable jurisdiction to become a trustee or director for your trust or foundation.  But who?  There are a countless number of advertisements of such fiduciaries in the Internet, but someone says many of them are unreliable or lack of expertise, and most probably unreliable fiduciaries will make you troubles.  Then, how can you tell reliable fiduciaries from the unreliable ones?  Probably you have no idea.


Establish through Swiss Bank

In such case, it is strongly recommended to consult with a Swiss Private Bank, as a traditional expert of the wealth management.  Through Swiss Private Banks, you can establish a trust or foundation not only in Switzerland or Liechtenstein but also in any other offshore financial center.  In this case, the bank account of such trust or foundation will be opened with such Swiss Bank and the office of trustee (for trust) or director (for foundation) will be taken by the lawyer or consultant who is considered excellent and reliable by the bank.


Trust or foundation is, in itself, a very reliable system for asset management, but most of the troubles related to it are caused by the breach, incapability or unreliability of the trustees or directors, if any.  To avoid such troubles, it is most effective to utilize a Swiss Private Bank.



Overview of Major Offshore Trusts

Offshore Trusts



Bahamian Trusts


80 years or less

Not required

BVI Trusts

(British Virgin Islands)

100 years or less

Not required

Cayman Trusts

150 years or less


(if it is exempted from tax)

Guernsey Trusts

100 years or less

Not required

Manx Trusts

(Isle of Man)

80 years or less

Not required

Jersey Trusts

100 years or less

Not required

*This table is just an overview, which is not exhaustive and does not cover any exceptions.  For details or exceptions, please consult with your tax consultant or other experts.


** As a Swiss Private Bank Agent, cs-trans.biz will introduce you to most prestigious Private Bankers of best Swiss Private Banks.  cs-trans.biz is providing such service free of charge.  Before opening an account, the applicant is required to see a Private Banker either in Switzerland, England, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Monaco, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina or in the United States of America.  Even if you are not in such countries, you can enjoy our free introduction services if you are able to travel to one of these regions.  In addition, it may be possible that the Banker will fly to the applicant if the prospected investment is large enough for such travel (the minimum balance is 200,000 USD or equivalent).


**For inquiry, name, address and telephone number are required.  In accordance with Swiss Banking Law, your personal information is kept strictly confidential and, on the basis of our privacy policy, it will be carefully deleted from our database after your meeting with the Private Banker is arranged.  We do not use such information for any other purpose.


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