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About Globalization

[Globalization as Opportunity for Small Business] [Invest Worldwide through Swiss Bank Account]


About Emerging Economies

[Directory of Banks in Czech Republic] [Directory of Banks in Slovak Republic] [List of Russian Banks having International Networks]

[Directory of Internationally Active Islamic / Middle Eastern Banks]

[List of Indian Banks having Branches and/or Representative Offices in Foreign Countries]


About Japan

Japanese Business Information

[Can a Small Business Make Money from Japan?] [Fund-Raising in/from Japan] [Venture Capitals in Japan] [How to Buy a Real Estate in Japan?] [How to Buy a Company in Japan?]


Japanese Law Information

List of Recently Promulgated Japanese Laws

[Japanese Laws Promulgated in 2003] [Japanese Laws Promulgated in 2002] [Japanese Laws Promulgated in 2001]

English Translation of Major Japanese Laws

[Civil Code] [Commercial Code] [Law Application Principles Act] [Banking Act] [Investment Trust and Investment Corporation Act] [Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act] [Business Registration Act] [Customs Act] [Customs Tariff Act] [Foreign Lawyers Act]


Swiss Banking Laws

[Swiss Banking Law (Amendment)] [Swiss Money Laundering Ordinance] [Swiss National Bank Organization Regulation]


Luxembourg Banking and Financial Laws

[Luxembourg Trust and Fiduciary Contract Law] [Luxembourg Investment Service Law] [Luxembourg Amended Collective Investment Law] [Luxembourg Collective Investment Law]


About Private Banks and Private Banking

[Swiss bank, Private Bank Directory] [Swiss Private Banking – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)]

[Private Banks and Private Banking] [Hedge Funds vs. Private Banking] [Why Traditional Investments? – Swiss Private Banks] [Meet a Swiss Private Banker – Procedures to Open a Swiss Bank Account] [Philosophy of Swiss Private Banking] [Emerging Economies, Political Stability and Private Banking] [Avoid Questionable Agents – Should a Swiss Private Bank Agent Take Fees from Customers?] [How to Avoid Fraud?  Advice of Swiss Bank Agent] [Child Financial Education]


About Offshore Asset Management

[Offshore Trust vs. Liechtenstein Foundation]

[Offshore Trust Laws] [Offshore Legislations on Fiduciary and Administration Businesses] [Offshore Legislations on Investment Funds and Protection of Investors] [Offshore Banking Laws] [Offshore Company Laws] [Offshore Partnership Laws] [How to Open a Cayman Bank Account]


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              Private Banks and Private Banking / Hedge Fund / Offshore Trust and Offshore Asset Management / Globalization and Global Economy / Emerging Markets and Emerging Economies / International Tax Planning / Financial Education / Resources for Financial Advisors / Resources for Webmasters

Regional Resources Books

              Asia [Law] [Banking and Finance] / China [Business Law: General] [Contract, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution] [Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer] [Joint Ventures, Foreign Companies] [Financial and Miscellaneous Laws] [Banking] [Insurance and Other Financial Issues] / Hong Kong [Law: General] [Banking, Taxation and Other Financial Laws] [Company, Contract, Arbitration and Miscellaneous Laws] [Banking, Finance and Investment] / India  [Law, Banking and Other Business] / Indonesia [Law, Finance and Other Business] / Japan [Law] [Banking and Finance] / Malaysia [Law, Banking and Financial Business] [Investment and Business Opportunities] / Singapore [Business Law] [Banking and Finance] / South Korea [Business Law] [Banking and Finance] / Taiwan [Business and Financial Laws] [Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Services] / Thailand [Business Law and Financial Issues]

              Europe [Intellectual Property and Competition Laws] [Company Laws, Merger, Insolvency, Employment, etc.] [Contract, Property and Other Business Laws] [Banking and Financial] / Czech Republic [Law] [Banking, Finance, Investment, etc.] / Hungary [Business Laws] [Banking, Investment and Other Business] / Ireland [Law and Business] / Liechtenstein [Business Law, Company, Trust, etc.] / Luxembourg [Business Law, Investment, etc.] / Poland [Business Law] [Banking and Financial Services] / Russia [Business Law, Company, Taxation, etc.] [Banking, Finance, Investment] / Slovakia [Law and Business] [Trade, Investment and Other Business] / Switzerland [Law – Company, Finance, etc.] [Banking] / United Kingdom [Banking] [Insurance] [Investment and Wealth Management] [Other Financial Services and Miscellaneous Issues]

              Middle East [Islamic/Business Law] [Banking and Finance] / Bahrain [Law, Business, Investment] / Kuwait [Law, Trade, Investment and Other Business] / Qatar [Law and Business] / Saudi Arabia [Business Law] [Banking and Finance] / United Arab Emirates [Law and Business]

              South America/Latin America/Mercosur [Business Law] [Banking and Financial Issues] / Argentina [Law, Banking, Investment and Other Business Issues]

              Offshore Financial Centers [Offshore Trust and Offshore Asset Management]/ Bahamas [Law and Business] / Bermuda [Business Law, Insurance and Investment] / British Virgin Islands [Business Law, Investment and Trust] / Cayman Islands [Business Law] / Guernsey [Business Law] / Isle of Man [Company, Taxation and Investment Laws] / Jersey [Business Law] / Nauru [Business Law]


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