Assistance to Authors


We offer assistance to non-Japanese authors who are interested in publishing books in Japan.  As a translator, we translate your synopsis (and probably cover letter and sample pages) into Japanese and search for suitable publishers in Japan.  You can contact with the publishers either directly or through our translation service (Please mote, even in publishing companies, people may not be so good at reading or writing English).


We can help authors of all genres (except unpublished novels, poems, etc.).  Our translation fee, which is even lower than industry standard, will include gsearch for Japanese publishers.h  Authors may get advice for communication with Japanese publishers for free of charge.


Successful synopsis may include:

- Profile of the author (1 page)

              - Basic ideas, concepts, contents of the book (2 to 3 pages)

              - Reputation, number of copies sold, etc. (if the book is already published anywhere)


Japan has a tradition of translation culture.  Japanese people have been most active in learning ideas from all parts of the world.  We will be happy to collaborate with authors from anywhere in the world.


For more information: info@cs-trans.biz



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