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Offshore Company Laws


[List of selected offshore legislations]



              Companies Act, 1992

              International Business Companies Act, 1989

              International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 1994

              International Business Companies Act, 2000


British Virgin Islands

              Companies Act, 1963

              Company Management Act, 1990

              International Business Companies Act, 1984

              International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 1990

              International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2002


Cayman Islands

              Companies Law, 1995

              Local Companies (Control) Law, 1995

              Segregated Portfolio Company Law, 1998



              Companies (Guernsey) Law, 1994

              Companies (Amendment) (Guernsey) Law, 1996

              Companies (Purchase of Own Shares) Ordinance, 1998

              Companies (Financial Assistance for Acquisition of Purchase of Own Shares) Ordinance, 1998

              Guarantee Companies Ordinance, 1997

              Migration of Companies Ordinance, 1997

              Protected Cell Companies Ordinance, 1997

              Protected Cell Companies (Special Purpose Vehicle) Regulations, 2001


Isle of Man

              Companies Act, 1931

              Companies, etc. (Amendment) Act, 2003

              Limited Liability Company Act, 1996



              Companies (Jersey) Law, 1991


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Excerpts from Offshore Company Laws



The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 1994

Section 1

Two persons may form a company

(1)   Any two or more persons may associate for any lawful purpose and, by subscribing their names to a memorandum of association and by otherwise complying with the requirements of this Law as to registration, may form a body corporate (hereinafter referred to as a gcompanyh) and thereby establish the limits of their individual liability as members of the company.

(2)   The persons who subscribe their names to a companyfs memorandum (hereinafter referred to as the companyfs gfounder membersh) shall be deemed to have agreed to become members of the company and, upon registration of the memorandum, shall be entered as members in the companyfs Register of Members.

(3)   Any other person who agrees to become a member of a company and whose name is entered in its Register of Members as a shareholder shall be a member of the company.




The Companies (Purchase of Own Shares) Ordinance, 1998

Section 1

Power of company to purchase own shares

(1)   Subject to the following provisions of this Ordinance, a company limited by shares or limited by guarantee and having a share capital may, if so authorized by its articles, purchase its own shares (including any redeemable preference shares).

(2)   A company may not under this section purchase its own shares if, as a result of the purchase, there would no longer be any member of the company holding shares other than redeemable preference shares.



Legislations of Offshore Financial Centers (assorted by subject)

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              Offshore Legislations on Fiduciary and Administration Businesses

              Offshore Legislations on Investment Funds and Protection of Investors

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