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gcs-trans.bizh is a Japan-based business founded by Czech/Slovak and Japanese interpreter-translators.  Through the worldwide network and cooperation with the professionals such as interpreters, translators, academicians, lawyers and private bankers, we are providing following services:


1.      Translation and Interpretation Services [details]

2.      Assistance to Non-Japanese Authors [details]

3.      Japanese e-book Publishing and Promotion Services [details]

4.      Research and Information Services [details]

5.      Swiss Private Bank Account Opening Support (FREE) [details]

6.      Cayman Bank Account Opening Support (FREE) [details]

(Swiss Bank Account Service is not available for U.S. people or residents)


One of our most important missions is to act as a go-between for the East and the West in the business field.  Through our activities, we hope to help Asians to enjoy some of the advanced or democratic systems of the West; and at the same time, to assist Western businesspersons to have some chance to participate in the growing markets of the emerging economies.  For this purpose, as a language service we concentrate on Slavic languages (which is most difficult to learn for Asians, but are spoken by most people in the emerging Europe) and Japanese (which is said to be most difficult for Westerns).  We have also made it possible for customers to meet with Swiss private bankers in Switzerland, England, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Monaco, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina or the United States of America.  We can also help your business through our network of the professionals such as financial lawyers and mathematicians.




M&Z, 3-14-19-6F

Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

108-0023 Japan

Phone: 05036119376 (within Japan)








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