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How to Avoid Fraud?

--Advice of a Swiss Bank Agent--



Since we started our business as a Swiss Bank Agent, we have received a lot of fraudulent offers.  We are still receiving such seemingly fraudulent offers almost every day.  Thanks (?) to such experiences, we have now learned how to tell fraudulent offers from honest ones quite easily.


Sometimes, however, the subtle wording makes it hard to tell if the offer is fraudulent or not.  In such cases, we usually ask for advice of our affiliate Swiss bankers, who have much more such experiences than we do.


If you are wealthy enough for private banking (it does not mean you need to be “superrich”) and you wish to avoid fraud, it is strongly recommended that you should get close to a Swiss private banker.  You must learn something from his/her experience.  It surely helps you a lot. 


Such bankers have their own networks worldwide and have extensive knowledge of what is really happening in the world.  For example, it sometimes happens that a seemingly honest person acting as a consultant in one country is accused for fraudulent practices in another country.  We ourselves have got such information from private bankers.


Maybe an idea of private banking is new to the people of the emerging economies such as Asian, Central European countries or Russia (as it is still new even in Japan).  Briefly, private banking is not just banking as most people imagine, but asset management or wealth management including investing or international tax planning.  You can learn more details of private banking from some articles in this Website.


If you are interested in meeting Swiss private bankers, we can arrange the meeting.  Usually such meeting takes place in Switzerland (the headquarters of the bank) or in Japan (representative office of the bank), which is more convenient for you.  We provide such service free of charge.


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