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-- Why Traditional Investments?



Have you ever heard of galternative investmentsh?


Alternative investments mean any investments other than those in equity stocks and/or bonds.  They include the investments in gprivate equity,h ghedge funds,h gcommodity fundsh and greal estate investment trusts (REIT).h  In contrast, the investments in equity shares and/or bonds are called gtraditional investments.h


The remarkable feature of those alternative investments is that they are not or less linked with the movement of the stock or bond markets.  While the mutual funds traditionally investing in stocks or bonds lose their value when the market goes down, it might be possible for some of the alternative investment funds to make a good performance.


In general, American banks are said to be good at such alternative investments.  With novel financial techniques, they seem to develop new products one after another to be offered to their customers. 


On the contrary, most of the Swiss Private Banks stick to the traditional investments.  The mutual funds offered by them are basically investing in stocks and bonds in the traditional, conservative manners.  gNaturally, their value will go up when the market goes up; their value will go down when the market goes down,h says a Private Banker cooperating with us.  To be honest, as a Swiss Private Bank Agent, we were always wondering why they are so confident in such a way of investing which is just linked with the market.


The question was solved when we found that, as the expert investors agree, in spite of their hi-tech, most of the fund managers cannot gwin the marketh in the long run.  The market is (and has been) so strong that however hard you try to go against the market, most probably you will lose in the end.  In addition, if the human beings can make progress from the long term point of view, the economy will grow and accordingly the market will also grow.  We quote the remark by one of the expert investors, gEven if you had bought stocks just before the Crash of 1929, you should have become wealthy if you had not sold and kept them for 30 years.  Not only you would have made money but your profit would have been several times bigger than that of the ewisef investors who invested in the esafef Treasury Bonds in 1929.h


Those experts agree, gTo win in investing and become a millionaire, you must never sell.  In spite of the temporary fluctuation of the market, just keep investing, not for 5 or 10 years but at least for 25 or 30 years.  This is the recommended way of investing most certainly to make you a millionaire.h


Long-term investments – this reminds me of a story of a Western Superrich, who considers his investment strategies on the basis of two periods, that is, g20 yearsh and gforever.h  The wealthy persons and the people destined to be wealthy will invest long-term -- the customers of the Swiss Private Banks are such people.  Their ultimate purpose of utilizing the Swiss Private Bank is to hand down their properties to the next generations.


If you wish to invest long in accordance with the advice by the expert investors mentioned above and to hand down the wealth to your children or grandchildren, you should know that only the gtraditional investmentsh have weathered through history and produced the historical wealthy persons whose assets are still growing in the same manner.  The Swiss Private Bankers know it.  That is why they are so confident even when the market goes down.


Such view of long-term investments will also explain the policy of a few gexceptionalh Swiss Private Banks.  They accept 100,000 USD or equivalent as a minimum investment from the customer while most of the other Swiss Private Banks do not accept any customers whose prospected investment is less than 1,000,000 USD or equivalent. 


In our opinion as a Swiss Private Bank Agent, such gexceptionalh Banks see the things from the viewpoint of glong-term investment.h  They know and expect that gtodayfs one hundred thousandh will be a million in decades.  Actually, 100,000 USD will, at annual 10% compound interest, be 1,000,000 USD in about twenty-five years.  This is a very simple calculation and if you see the index of the New York Stock Exchange over decades, you will find that such yield is very realistic or rather modest expectation.


From the viewpoint of short-term investing, 100,000 USD may be affected by the market fluctuations, but in the long run it is expected to grow large enough to make the investor as wealthy as gaverageh customers of the Swiss Private Banks.  For such gexceptionalh Banks, even a small investment is a seed to grow to make a millionaire.


Now you see why the Swiss Private Banks stick to the traditional investments.  Swiss Private Banks and their Bankers have seen the traditional investments have been producing the genuine wealth for centuries.  The genuine wealth means the assets growing over decades and, maybe centuries.  As the Swiss Private Banks are hoping to make, and more importantly to keep their customers wealthy, most confidently they determine to take the traditional manners.


As a Swiss Private Bank Agent, cs-trans.biz will introduce you to most prestigious Private Bankers of best Swiss Private Banks.  cs-trans.biz is providing such service free of charge.  Before opening an account, the applicant is required to see a Private Banker either in Switzerland, England, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Monaco, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina or in the United States of America.  Even if you are not in such countries, you can enjoy our free introduction services if you are able to travel to one of these regions.  In addition, it may be possible that the Banker will fly to the applicant if the prospected investment is large enough for such travel (the minimum balance is 200,000 USD or equivalent).


**For inquiry, name, address and telephone number are required.  In accordance with Swiss Banking Law, your personal information is kept strictly confidential and, on the basis of our privacy policy, it will be carefully deleted from our database after your meeting with the Private Banker is arranged.  We do not use such information for any other purpose.

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