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Swiss Private Banking – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



27. You say you are a Japan-based business.  It sounds a bit strange that a Japan-based business offers introduction services related with Swiss Private Banking.  If I am not a Japanese or a resident of Japan, why should I use your services?

It does not matter where we are.  Needless to say, we can immediately contact with any person in anywhere in the world through e-mail.  In addition, we are not asking any customer for any fees, charges or any other material matters in relation with this service.  So, the physical distance between you and us does not matter in any ways.

As you may know, confidentiality is one of the most important matters for Swiss Private Banks.  In addition to the confidentiality of their customers, most of the good Swiss Private Banks are trying to keep themselves confidential.  It means they do not disclose the details of their services to everyone.  You may find a few websites of Swiss Private Banks in the Internet, but probably you do not see even basic information you may need for choosing your bank.  The same may be true if you get brochures of such banks.

Then, how can you collect information you need for selecting a good bank?  It is strongly recommended to utilize the free introduction services offered by Swiss Private Banking Agents.  Based on your basic conditions (place of residence, amount of the investment, etc.), we can select one or a few Swiss Private Banks with which you can open an account.  We will tell the names of the banks, the names and the telephone numbers of the bankers.  Then, the bankers will call you from Switzerland (or other bank offices convenient for you) to answer your questions or to arrange a meeting if you want.

Even though most important detailed information will not be disclosed until the meeting with the banker, you can also ask questions through us before contacting with the bankers.  Though the banks do not like to disclose information to the public, they are willing to answer questions through the agent they trust.

In addition, as we have a comprehensive network of professionals worldwide, we understand most of the major European languages (including Russian, Czech and Slovak) and a few major Asian languages.  So, it may be possible that you can ask questions in your own language (in most of the cases, the answer will be in English, though).

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