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Emerging Economies, Political Stability and Private Banking



Even in Japan, it is said that very few riches can remain wealthy for fifty years.


Around fifty years ago, Japan was one of the emerging economies of that time.  Some now big businesses like gSonyh or gHondah had just started, but they were only small businesses with a few workers at that time.  On the other hand, the families which had ruled Japanfs economy until 1945 were losing their businesses and properties because of the American occupation policy.


Probably you say that was an unusual situation, because the country was lost in the war and occupied.  However, you see it is rather difficult to find a person over 70 years old who did not experience such a political instability causing a big economic change.  So, it would not be very unusual if you experience such a situation in your life, especially if you are living in a country of emerging economy.


Many new riches are born in the emerging economies, but few of them are remaining wealthy.  It is partly because their talent of making money is not so effective for keeping the money in their hand.  In other words, it is more difficult to remain wealthy than to get rich.  However, you must not forget that political instability and/or incapable government is much more dangerous and most of the emerging economies have such problems.  Even today, there is not any control for preventing the tyranny from conducting unreasonable policies, including racism, unreasonable taxation, property confiscation and even taking the human life.


You must remember that even Western Europe experienced such tragedies only a few decades ago.  Although Europe had been the most civilized, wealthiest for centuries, it had seen innumerable riots, revolutions and wars, not to mention oppressive and/or incapable governments with no effective economic policies.  By such political instability, the wealth of the rich Europeans was always threatened.  However, many of them were successful in keeping their asset safe, even keeping it continuously growing.  How?  They just moved a part of their asset to Switzerland – an exceptionally stable country in Europe – and had it managed by experts called gPrivate Bankers.h


Historically, the Swiss Private Banks were formed to provide a safe, stable haven for such assets threatened by political instability.  In the early nineteenth century they protected the assets owned by French nobles exiled from the Revolution.  In the first half of the twentieth century Jewish properties were preserved by the Swiss Private Banks from confiscation by the fascist governments.  Through such activities the Swiss Private Banks have developed such techniques as particular to Swiss Private Banking, including establishment of trusts, foundations and offshore companies.  These techniques are principally oriented to avoiding the political absurdities or disasters such as wars, revolutions, etc.


Todayfs emerging economies are East Asia (China, Taiwan, and South Korea), South and Southeast Asia (Thailand, India, etc.) and Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, etc.).  Among them, East Asia is growing most rapidly but has been always facing a most serious political problem.  In spite of economic prosperity, the region will never be stable as long as there are two Chinas and two Koreas.  As to South Asia, some pessimist foresees a nuclear war between India and Pakistan within the first half of this century.  Central European nations, as a part of the expanded European Union, are seemingly most politically stable among these emerging economies, but some of their governments are still incompetent to control the market economy, causing the financial crimes exploiting the vulnerabilities of their banking system.  All of such economies are providing their people with opportunities to get rich, but they do not seem stable enough to keep them wealthy for generations.


If you take a glance at history, you must learn that the political risks will affect even more seriously and decisively than the economic ones.  However, any banks or banking system, except for Swiss Private Banking, is incapable of protecting the customersf assets from the political risks.  The Swiss Private Banks are the sole and only financial institutions that will resist the political absurdities.  It goes without saying that the Swiss government assists that policy of the Swiss Private Banking.


The wealth of the riches is only temporary wealth if it cannot be handed down to the next generations.  The genuine wealth is not temporary but continuously growing over the generations.  If you want to obtain such genuine wealth regardless of the political instability of your country, a Swiss Private Bank will provide the best vehicle for your purpose.


**As a Swiss Private Bank Agent, cs-trans.biz will introduce you to most prestigious Private Bankers of best Swiss Private Banks.  cs-trans.biz is providing such service free of charge.  Before opening an account, the applicant is required to see a Private Banker either in Switzerland, England, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Monaco, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina or in the United States of America.  Even if you are not in such countries, you can enjoy our free introduction services if you are able to travel to one of these regions.  In addition, it may be possible that the Banker will fly to the applicant if the prospected investment is large enough for such travel (the minimum balance is 200,000 USD or equivalent).


**For inquiry, name, address and telephone number are required.  In accordance with Swiss Banking Law, your personal information is kept strictly confidential and, on the basis of our privacy policy, it will be carefully deleted from our database after your meeting with the Private Banker is arranged.  We do not use such information for any other purpose.

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