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Japan is a great market of books.  With population of 120 million, it is not the biggest country, to be sure, but the market itself is considerably big.  In Japan, approximately 70,000 to 80,000 new titles are commercially published yearly, which means one new title is published per 1,500 people.  People have a reason to say geveryoneh has a chance to be author in this country. 


As the nation does not have such a number of talents, however, lots of literary works have been translated from other languages.  Someone says that if you want to read the literature of all around the world, the language you should learn to make it efficiently is Japanese.  An American author says his books have been selling more in Japan than in the United States, though Japanfs population is only a half.


Commercial publishing is still a narrow gate for new authors, but there is an encouraging episode in Japan.  A self-published book became one of the best sellers.  The author (Mr. Yamada) was refused by more than ten publishers and finally decided to pay for self-publishing of his first book.  Now he is a best-selling author and you can see two TV dramas and a series of comic books based on his self-published novel. 


Self-publishing takes cost, but someone reveals this is a secret, but one of the commonest ways for authors to get famous.  gSometimes even authors should take a risk for success.h


For publishing in Japan, you need a Japanese translation of your book.  We offer quality translation services for authors for quality self-publication, which otherwise would require authors an annoying and complicated job as various factors should be considered.  Cost for self-publication varies a lot among publishers.  Different publishers may have different marketing and distribution policies.  They may like to talk with you about the book design and other details, but they may not be able to communicate in English.



It may sound difficult, but you can ask your translator for help.  As a co-creator of the book, your translator strongly wishes for success of your book and is willing to help you with such matters. 


If your book is not published yet and you are thinking of self-publication in your country, publishing a gbilingual bookh is worth considering.  By making it bilingual, your book will double the market expanding beyond the national and cultural borders, for the cost of one book.  If you plan to sell it through Amazon Japan (, the translator will help you.  We can also advertise your book to major book importers at a low cost.  This may be the most inexpensive way to expose your book to Japanese readers.


Since the Japanese are always seeking for a good way to learn English, a bilingual book is a good way to appeal.  As we already commercially published Japanese books in Europe, it should be technologically possible for your publishers to print and publish books in Japanese.  Please ask your publishers in mind.


Devoted translation may take time and cost.  However, definitely it is a most important key for success.


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