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Private Banks and Private Banking


Family Offices and Private Banking

Private Banking is one of the major asset management services for wealthy persons. While the family offices are established to administer the entire properties of the large, wealthy clan (such as the Rockefellers) for the purpose of its prosperity for generations, most of the Private Banking Accounts are utilized for smaller families or individuals. However, the ultimate purpose of the family offices and the Private Banking is the same: financial safety and prosperity regardless of the political, economic change of the world.


What is Swiss Private Banking?

Swiss Private Banking is not only Banking but also Investing. Different from American or Japanese banks, the Swiss Private Banks are also functioning as a securities broker. Such banks are called Universal Banks, which means banks conducting almost all the services as a financial institution. Another remarkable feature of the Swiss Private Banking is the confidentiality and anonymity. The customer of the Swiss Private Banking is the beneficiary owner of the assets, but the transactions are carried out in the name of the bank. It means that even if the customer invests in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or hedge funds worldwide, the name of the beneficiary owner is absolutely unknown. On the other hands, if such investment or transaction is done by the investor himself (not through the Private Bank), it is very possible that his name will be known through the securities companies, the fund managers, or the companies issuing such stocks or bonds.


Swiss Private Bank Account is Now Available

Years ago, it was not easy for new riches or people from the emerging economies to open a Swiss Private Bank Account. It was because they needed to be introduced to the bank by the customer. However, it has now become much easier if they contact with the bank through the Swiss Private Bank Agent.


As a Swiss Private Bank Agent, cs-trans.biz will introduce you to most prestigious Private Bankers of best Swiss Private Banks.  cs-trans.biz is providing such service free of charge.  Before opening an account, the applicant is required to see a Private Banker either in Switzerland, England, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Monaco, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina or in the United States of America.  Even if you are not in such countries, you can enjoy our free introduction services if you are able to travel to one of these regions.  In addition, it may be possible that the Banker will fly to the applicant if the prospected investment is large enough for such travel (the minimum balance is 200,000 USD or equivalent).


For inquiry, name, address and telephone number are required.  In accordance with Swiss Banking Law, your personal information is kept strictly confidential and, on the basis of our privacy policy, it will be carefully deleted from our database after your meeting with the Private Banker is arranged.  We do not use such information for any other purpose.

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