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For infopreneurs (information entrepreneurs) intending to extend their business in the worldfs second largest economy, gcs-trans.bizh is providing the Japanese E-book Publishing Services.  Your e-book will be published and promoted in Japan free of charge if it is translated by gcs-trans.bizh and published in its affiliated websites.  50% of the annual sales will be sent to you as a royalty.


As the Japanese are most interested in business information from abroad, it is very possible that your Japanese e-book will be a big success.


Special Offer for E-zine Owners

If you are an Owner of E-zines related with business information (especially in the fields of business know-how, inforpreneur business and/or licensing business), you can publish some of your E-zine contents in Japanese in our affiliate Japanese E-zines.  The fee of translation and publishing is not charged in exchange for license of publishing the contents in our Japanese E-zines.  Thus you can have a chance to get customers in the huge market of Japan and possibly other Asian counties.

For application, please send an e-mail to our contact e-mail address with your name, address, phone-number and a brief description of your business with an URL that we can get access to your E-zine.  We do not accept attachment files.

(We are especially looking for information or know-how which is new to the Japanese businessmen.)



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