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Business Registration Act (Japan)


[English Translation of the Content and Articles 1, 16, 102, 103 and 104]


Chapter One                     Registry Office and Registrar


                            Article 1

Business Registration shall be administered by the competent registry office, which is the legal affairs bureau or the district legal affairs bureau or the branch or local office thereof having control of the district in which the office of the party concerned is located.


Chapter Two                     Register and Related Matters


Chapter Three                  Registration Procedure

              Section 1             General Principles


                            Article 16

(1)   Except for the cases otherwise provided in this law, application for registration shall be made by the party concerned or his/her proxy appearing in the registry office.

(2)   As to registration by official request by an authority, the person requested or his/her proxy shall not need to appear in the registry office.


              Section 2             Registration of Commercial Name

              Section 3             Registration of Minor and Guardianship

              Section 4             Registration of Manager

              Section 5             Registration of General Partnership Company

              Section 6             Registration of Limited Partnership Company

              Section 7             Registration of Joint Stock Corporation

              Section 8             Registration of Limited Liability Corporation

              Section 9             Registration of Foreign Corporation


                            Article 102

In connection with the application of the provisions of Article 1, the domicile of the representative of the foreign corporation in Japan, if the corporation does not have its office in Japan, shall be considered as the place where the office of the corporation is located.


                            Article 103

As to application for registration of foreign corporation, that corporation shall be represented by the representative of the corporation in Japan.


                            Article 104

(1)   Application for registration of foreign corporation under Article 479 (1) of Commercial Code (including the application mutatis mutandis in Article 76 of the Limited Liability Corporation Law) shall be filed with following attachments:

1.      Document which is sufficient for confirmation of the existence of the principal office,

2.      Document certifying the status of the representative in Japan,

3.      Document which is sufficient for identification of the nature of the foreign corporation, such as articles or certificate of incorporation.

(2)   The documents mentioned in the previous articles shall be notarized by a competent authority such as a controlling agency in the home country of the foreign corporation or the consul in Japan.

(3)   If an application for registration under the paragraph 1 is filed with a certified copy of register of another registry office stating that a representative in Japan has been appointed or that an office has been established in Japan, the documents mentioned in the same paragraph shall not be necessary.


              Section 10           Correction and Deletion of Registration


Chapter Three (2)             Special Rules for Registration by Electronic Information Processing System


Chapter Four                    Miscellaneous


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