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Japanese Laws Promulgated in 2001



-          Act concerning Securing of Housing for the Elderly (Law No. 26, April 6, 2001)

-          Act concerning Prevention of Violence by Spouse and Protection of Victims (Law No. 31, April 13, 2001)

-          Act concerning Stimulation to Develop Technologies to Fuse Communications and Broadcasting (Law No. 44, June 8, 2001)

-          Cooperative Non-Profit Corporation Act (Law No. 49, June 15, 2001)

-          Act concerning Adequacy of Automobile Driving Vicarious Execution Business (Law No. 57, June 20, 2001)

-          Government-Affiliated Corporation Reform Fundamental Act (Law No. 58, June 21, 2001)

-          Act concerning Compensations to be paid for the persons confined in the sanatorium for Hansenfs disease and Related Matters (Law No. 63, June 22, 2001)

-          Act concerning Secured Implementation of Collection and Destruction of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) and Similar Substance in connection with Specific Product (Law No. 64, June 22, 2001)

-          Special Measures Act concerning Promotions for Appropriate Treatment of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Wastes (Law No. 65, June 22, 2001)

-          Act concerning Transfer of Corporate Bonds (Law No. 75, June 27, 2001)

-          Electric Communication Service Utilizing Broadcast Act (Law No. 85, June 29, 2001)

-          Act concerning Evaluation of Policy by Administrative Agency (Law No. 86, June 29, 2001)

-          Fixed Contribution Pension Act (Law No. 88, June 29, 2001)

-          Fishery Fundamental Act (Law No. 89, June 29, 2001)

-          Central Cooperative Bank for Agriculture and Forestry Act (Law No. 93, June 29, 2001)

-          Act concerning Exceptions of Civil Code in connection with Electric Consumer Agreement and Electric Acceptance Notice (Law No. 95, June 29, 2001)

-          Act concerning Small Vessel Registration and Related Matters (Law No. 101, July 4, 2001)

-          Act concerning Implementation of Mutual Approval with European Community and Republic of Singapore on Conformity Evaluation in connection with Specific Devices (Law No. 111, July 11, 2001)

-          Act concerning Stimulation for Resolution of Individual Labor Relation Disputes (Law No. 112, July 11, 2001)

-          Special Measures Act concerning Measures Taken by Our Nation in Cooperation for Activities of Foreign Nations to Accomplish the Purposes of the United Nations Charter in Response to the Terrorist Attacks in the United States of America on September 11, 2001 and Humanitarian Measures on the basis of Related United Nations Resolutions (Law No. 113, November 12, 2001)

-          Judicial System Reform Promotion Act (Law No. 119, November 16, 2001)

-          Act concerning Post Office Handling of Specific Affairs of Local Government (Law No. 120, November 16, 2001)

-          Act concerning Restrictions of Stockholding etc. by Banks and Other Institutions (Law No. 131, November 28, 2003)

-          Act concerning Limitation of Specific Electric Communication Service Providerfs Liability for Damage and Disclosure of Senderfs Information (Law No. 137, November 30, 2001)

-          Act concerning Disclosure of Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies and/or Similar Organizations (Law No. 140, December 5, 2001)

-          Act concerning Exceptions such as Voting by Electromagnetic Record Voting Unit for Election of Local Government Head and Local Assemblymen (Law No. 147, December 7,2001)

-          Culture and Art Promotion Basic Policy Act (Law No. 148, December 7,2001)

-          Act concerning Stimulation for Reading Activity by Children (Law No. 154, December 12, 2001)

-          Act concerning Provisional Exceptions of Employment Insurance Act for Smoothing Reentry of and Creating Job Opportunities for Persons of Old and Middle Age in response to Rapid Change of Economy and Society (Law No. 158, December 14, 2001)


*This list does not cover all the legislations.  gcs-trans.bizh can translate any of the above-listed laws from original Japanese.  Please ask for translation cost.


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