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Internationally Active Islamic / Middle-Eastern Banks


This list covers Islamic /Middle-Eastern banks which are considered to be internationally active, such as associates, affiliates of or joint ventures with foreign banks, or having a branch or office in non-Islamic countries, or otherwise having a international network.


Arab National Bank, Head Office

              PO Box 56921 Riyadh 11564, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Arab National Bank, London Branch

PO Box 2LB 35 Curzon Street, London W1J 7TT, United Kingdom

The Saudi British Bank (SABB)

[c an HSBC associate; its London Branch was closed in May 2004.]

              P.O. Box 9084 Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mossaid Bin Jalawi Street (Dabaab),

Riyadh 11413, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Hollandi Bank (SHB)

              [c a joint venture with ABN AMRO of Holland]

              Al-Dhabab Street, P.O. Box 1467, Riyadh-11431, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF)

              [c an affiliate of Creidit Agricole Indosuez of France]

              Ma'ather Road, PO Box 56006, Riyadh 11554, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SAMBA (Saudi American Bank)

              P.O. 833,Riyadh 11421, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Emirate Bank International (EBI)

              Beniyas Road, P O Box 2923, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

EBI International, London Branch

              19, Motcomb Street, Belgravia, London SW1X 8XE

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

              [c having international network in Bahrain, France, U.K., United States, etc.]

              Intersection of Sh. Khalifa St. and Baniyas St., United Arab Emirates

Yemen Commercial Bank

              c having offices in Jeddah, Dubai, London and New York

P.O. Box 19845, Sana'a, Republic of Yemen

Arab Bank

              [c having international network in Bahrain, Qatar, China, Korea, Singapore, Austria,

Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA, Australia, Africa, etc.]

              Shmeisani, Amman 11195, Jordan

Arab Jordan Investment Bank

              [c having network in Cyprus and Libya.]

              Shmeisani, P.O. Box 8797 Amman 11121-Jordan

Jordan Kuwait Bank

              [c having network in Cyprus, Algiers and Nablus-Palestine]

              P.O. Box 9776, Amman 11191 Jordan

JIF Bank (Jordan Investment & Finance Bank)

              Shmeisani, P.O.Box 950601 Amman 11195 – Jordan

Egyptian Arab Land Bank

              94 Queen Nour Street, P.O. Box 6729, Amman 11118 Jordan

Jordan National Bank

              [c having network in Lebanon, Cyprus and Palestine.]

              Jabal Amman , 3rd Circle, P.O.Box 1578 , Amman 11118 , Jordan


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