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Indian Banks

having Branches or Representative Offices in Foreign Countries



Bank of India

              [having an international network in New York, San Francisco and Cayman Islands]

              Head Office: STAR HOUSE, C - 5, gGh Block, Bandra Kurla Complex,

Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051. 


Canara Bank

              [having an international network in London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Dubai (UAE), Doha (Qatar)]

              Bangalore, India


Indian Bank

              [having an international network in Singapore and Colombo]

              PB No.1384, 66, Rajaji Salai, Chennai 600 001, Tamil Nadu


Indian Overseas Bank

              [having an international network in Colombo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore]


Such foreign banks as Citibank, ABN AMRO, Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. are doing business in India.


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„A„u„ƒ„„|„p„„„~„p„‘ „„€„t„t„u„‚„w„{„p „t„|„‘ „€„„„{„‚„„„„y„‘ „ƒ„‰„u„„„p „r „Y„r„u„z„ˆ„p„‚„ƒ„{„€„} „q„p„~„{„u „t„|„‘ „‰„p„ƒ„„„~„„‡ „|„y„ˆ

„O„†„†„Š„€„‚„~„„z „„„‚„u„ƒ„„ „„‚„€„„„y„r „†„€„~„t„p „L„y„‡„„„u„~„Š„„„u„z„~ -- „T „r„p„ƒ „u„ƒ„„„Ž „p„q„ƒ„€„|„„„„~„p„‘ „…„r„u„‚„u„~„~„€„ƒ„„„Ž „r „t„€„r„u„‚„u„~„~„€„} „|„y„ˆ„u, „{„€„„„€„‚„€„u „q„…„t„u„„ „…„„‚„p„r„|„‘„„„Ž „B„p„Š„y„}„y „p„{„„„y„r„p„}„y?

Treffen Sie einen Privatbankier – Kostenlose Eröffnung eines Schweizer Bankkontos