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Japanese Translation of Fund Prospectus,

Offering Memorandum / Offering Circular of Hedge Funds



If you are thinking of capital raising or marketing for your fund, you must remember the tremendously large amount of savings of the Japanese, most of which are pooled in the hands of the institutional investors.


To approach Japanese investors, a Japanese version of your fund prospectus or offering memorandum / circular is a must.  If your fund is a mutual fund regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States, translated prospectus is required by the law.  If yours is a hedge fund or any other kind not under such regulations, Japanese translation of the offering documents will still be necessary for consideration by the Japanese investors.  However good your performance may be, the Japanese investors should ignore your offer if it is not in Japanese.


To get your fund prospectus or offering memorandum / offering circular translated into Japanese, ask your lawyer.  Good financial lawyers with international experiences must be able to arrange Japanese translation of such documents.  However, lawyers will take fees much higher than the standard of the translation industry.  In case they cannot make such arrangements, or their fees are too expensive, please ask us (info@cs-trans.biz) for Japanese translation of your documents.  Our rate for translation should be lower, for lawyers themselves ask us to translate documents for their clients.


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