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Private Salon Conference for Hedge Funds



As you may know, capital raising or marketing is a most difficult part of hedge fund operation.  From this standpoint, your eyes may be on Asian investors, maybe on Chinese, but donft forget Japan is still the richest country in Asia and Tokyo is the wealthiest city in Japan.  The Japanese Government now accepts wealthy Chinese visitors without visas.  There they are freer talking on business and investment than in their own country.


The Japanese are world famous for their large amount of savings, which are pooled in the hands of the institutional investors.  Japanfs institutional investors are basically conservative, but tired of the stagnant interest rates for 20 years, they are becoming more risk-taking and showing interest in hedge fund investments.


As a fund manager / marketer, you may have a chance to visit Japan to meet the investors.  You may have a conference in the office of your potential investor or some other conference room, but donft you think in more private atmosphere you could develop a closer relationship with your clients and discussions would be more fruitful? 


Believe it or not, if you are a fund manager / marketer, a private salon of one of the wealthiest families in Japan is available for your conference with clients.  You will be attended by a competent interpreter with a long experience in the wealth management industry.  In addition, it may be possible that the owner of the salon will introduce you to new potential clients, including institutional investors.


If you are interested in this salon, please send e-mail to: info@cs-trans.biz.  You may be requested to verify your identity as a fund manager / marketer, but if you have your offering memorandum / circular or prospectus translated into Japanese by us, such verification will not be necessary.


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