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On globalization, some people say it is favorable as a process of democratization while others consider it as a threat expanding the gap between the rich and the poor.  Like it or not, you cannot stop the globalization itself, but maybe you can utilize it in a way or change its nature into more favorable one.  Simple pro-globalization or anti-globalization opinions only see a half-truth of the phenomenon.


So, what is the nature of globalization?


In our opinion, the Internet is a symbol and an good epitome of globalization.  We think what is happening in the globalized world can be seen in the Internet as a miniature.  Not to mention the Internet is also a gateway to participate in the game of globalization.


What is represented by the Internet?  It is Communication and Competition.  Through the Internet, you can communicate to anywhere in the world so easily and quickly, but at the same time you are exposed to harsh competition.  There are hundreds of millions of websites in the Internet, but the number of the websites that are really seen by people must be extremely small.  In spite of seemingly easy participation, the reality of the Internet is severe oligopoly.


The same is happening in the globalized world.  It may be good if you can get access to anyone in anywhere, but it also means that any person in the world can be your potential competitor.  In such worldwide competitions, winners are very few.  It is just like what is happening in the Internet.  Through globalization, it seems that the world is getting to be for the few biggest businesses and there is almost no chance for the smaller ones.


In our opinion, however, there are still some opportunities for small business in the globalized world.  The clue is gvarietyh – the variety of cultures, customs, languages and social systems, etc.


Take the variety of languages for example.  Your website may be invisible for most of the people if it is only in English, as it is buried under so many competitors.  Actually, more than a half of all the web pages in the Internet are written in English.  However, you know there are hundreds of languages in the world.  If your site has a page in a different language, your competitors are even fewer, maybe none.  Thanks to globalization, you can still get simultaneous contact with the people selecting to search web pages in that language (and maybe they are expected to able to communicate in English, too).


In this way, there must be niches for small businesses where there is less competition, as long as the world keeps its own variety or diversity.  On the condition that the worldfs variety or diversity of cultures, customs, languages, etc. – you can say gvaluesh in short – are respected, the globalization will work positively especially through the global communication among people.  Certainly it provides a lot of opportunities for small businesses.


It is true, however, the term gglobalizationh does recently imply gless respecth for the diversity of different cultures or values.  In addition, easy access to different cultures may tend to glevelh the differences.  Please imagine, the world will lose most of its attractions if it should be covered with a uniform culture or value, whatever it may be.  In such a world, you would have no fun of traveling.  In such a uniform world, even business opportunities may be very few, or almost none.


Globalization will proceed almost automatically, but the diversity of the world must be kept by the efforts.  Emergently the people in the world – pro- or anti-globalization –  must foster strong respect for different cultures and values.  Otherwise, the worldfs economy will shrink sooner or later.  Nobody wants such situation.


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