For Authors of Childrenfs Picture Books



Japanese children love to read.  There are bookstores and public libraries everywhere, with extensive childrenfs corner, in which you can see picture books from around the world.  Picture books by foreign authors are especially welcomed in this country since their ideas and images are new and considered to foster a sense of internationality in Japanese children.


Some of foreign authors, even unknown in their own country, have published their first picture book for children through Japanfs major publishers.


Do you have a book already published in your country or somewhere else?  Then, it will be easier.  Even if you do not, there is a way.  Self-publishing may not be your most desired way (and we do not necessarily recommend it), but even in such a way you can find cases of commercial success.


For publishing in Japan, you need a Japanese translation of your book.  If it is to be published by a major publisher, the publisher may compensate for translation.  If it is self-published, the author must pay for it, but translation of a picture book for children will cost you less (or least or almost none) compared with that of a book for adults.  In addition, your translator is willing to advise you of the market situation and to help your communication with the publisher.


We are Japanese translators covering extensive fields.  If your picture book is in English, Czech or Slovak language, we will be able to help you to publish your book in Japan.  (Or you can make a bilingual book in your country.)


Please be free to ask us.  Japanese little book-lovers are waiting for you.


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