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Books on Taiwan: Business and Financial Laws


Emerging Markets Investment Center, Taiwan Business Law Handbook, International Business Publications, USA, 2004. 「台湾ビジネス法律ハンドブック」



Hubert Hsu, Ming-Yan Shieh, Che-Hung Chen, Jerry Fong, Grace Lei, Kung-Chung Liu, Robin Winkler, Li-Chi Wu, Christopher Heath, Intellectual Property Law in Taiwan (Max Planck Series on Asian Intellectual Property Law, 7), Kluwer Law Intl, 2003. 「台湾における知的財産法」



Timothy Haosen Wan, Development of Banking Law in the Greater China Area: Prc and Taiwan (International banking and finance law series), Kluwer Law Intl, 1999. 「中華圏における銀行法の発展-大陸中国と台湾」



Brian Wallace Semkow, Taiwan's Financial Markets and Institutions, Quorum Books, 1992. 「台湾の金融マーケットと金融機関」




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