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Books on Switzerland: Law – Company, Finance, etc.


F. Dessemontet, Tugrul Ansay, Introduction to Swiss Law, Kluwer Law Intl, 1995. 「スイスの法律-入門編」



Bruno Becchio, Allan D. M. Phillips, Urs Wehinger, Swiss Company Law: Translation of the Official Text with an Introduction, Synoptic Tables, Annotations and Appendices, Sweet & Maxwell Ltd, 1989. 「スイス会社法-条文の翻訳と序論、概要、注、付記」



Peter Nobel, Swiss Financial Law and International Standards, Kluwer Law International, 2002. 「スイスの金融法令と国際標準」



Siegfried Wyler, Rolf Watter, Juerg Wyler, Swiss Company Law in the European Context: The New Swiss Company Law and the Euro-Council Directives, Intl Law Inst, 1994. 「ヨーロッパの文脈におけるスイス会社法-新しいスイス会社法とEU閣僚理事会指令」



Pierre A. Karrer, Karl W. Arnold, Switzerland's Private International Law Statute of December 18, 1987: The Swiss Code on Conflict of Laws and Related Legislation, Kluwer Law Intl, 1989. 「スイスの国際私法-法律の抵触に関するスイス法典の規定および関連の法律」




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