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Books on Russia: Banking, Finance, Investment


Alan Robinson, Russia and its banking system, Euromoney Publications PLC, 1995. 「ロシアとその銀行制度」



David Stuart Lane, Russian Banking: Evolution, Problems and Prospects (New Horizons in Money and Finance Series), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2003. 「ロシアの銀行-発展、問題と展望」



Mikhail K. Lapidus, Paul S. Trittin, Understanding Russian Banking: Russian Banking System, Securities Markets, and Money Settlements, Mir House Inc, 1998. 「ロシアの銀行制度、証券市場、決済」



Euromonitor International, Financial Cards in Russia, MarketResearch.com, 2002. 「ロシアにおける金融カード」



USA International Business Publications, International Financial Organizations, Banks and Investment Funds With Russia and NIS Projects (US Government Agencies Business Library), Intl Business Pubns USA, 2001. 「ロシアと国際金融組織、銀行、投資ファンド、そしてNISプロジェクト」



Timothy D. Lane, Paul J. J. Welfens, Timothy Lane, Nina Oding, Paul J.J. Welfens, Real and Financial Economic Dynamics in Russia and Eastern Europe: With 50 Figures and 63 Tables, Springer-Verlag, 2003. 「ロシアと東欧における実物経済と金融経済の力学」




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