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Books on Russia: Business Law, Company, Taxation, etc.


USA International Business Publications, Russia Business Law Handbook, International Business Publications, USA. 「ロシア-ビジネス法律ハンドブック」



J. S. Kuan (Compiler), S. Ludwig (Contributor), S. P. Studebaker (Editor), Russia Tax, Law and Business Briefing: 2004, Worldtrade Executive, Inc., 2003. 「ロシアの税制、法律と実務の概要」



International Business Publications USA, Russia: St. Petersburg Business Law Handbook (World Business Law Handbook Library), (publisher not provided), 2000. 「ロシア-サンクト・ペテルブルグ-ビジネス法律ハンドブック」



William E. Butler, Maryann E. Gashi-Butler, Russian Company Law: Basic Legislation, Kluwer Law Intl, 2000. 「ロシアの会社法-基本法令」



Russia, William Elliott Butler, Russian Company and Commercial Legislation, Oxford University Press, 2003. 「ロシアの会社法と商法」



Bernard S. Black, Reinier Kraakman, Anna S. Tarassova, Guide to the Russian Federal Law on Joint Stock Companies - Commentary & Materials, Kluwer Law Intl, 1998. 「株式会社に関するロシア連邦法ガイド-注釈と資料」



International Business Publications USA, Russia Tax Guide (World Business Law Handbook Library), Intl Business Pubns USA, 2001. 「ロシア税金案内」



Simeon Djankov, Caralee McLiesh, Michael Klein, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Doing Business in 2004: Understanding Regulation, World Bank Publications, 2003. 「ロシアでのビジネス-法令の理解」




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