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Regional Resources Books on International Business and Law


àUnited States of America

              Asia [Law] [Banking and Finance]


                            China   [Business Law: General]

[Contract, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution]

[Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer]

[Joint Ventures, Foreign Companies]

[Financial and Miscellaneous Laws]


[Insurance and Other Financial Issues]

                            Hong Kong  [Law: General]

[Banking, Taxation and Other Financial Laws]

[Company, Contract, Arbitration and Miscellaneous Laws]

[Banking, Finance and Investment]

                            India    [Law, Banking and Other Business]

                            Indonesia  [Law, Finance and Other Business]

                            Japan  [Law]

[Banking and Finance]

                            Malaysia  [Law, Banking and Financial Business]

[Investment and Business Opportunities]

                            Singapore  [Business Law]

[Banking and Finance]

                            South Korea  [Business Law]

[Banking and Finance]

                            Taiwan  [Business and Financial Laws]

[Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Services]

                            Thailand [Business Law and Financial Issues]


              Europe [Intellectual Property and Competition Laws]

[Company Laws, Merger, Insolvency, Employment, etc.]

[Contract, Property and Other Business Laws] [Banking and Financial]


                            Czech Republic [Law]

[Banking, Finance, Investment, etc.]

                            Hungary [Business Laws]

[Banking, Investment and Other Business]

                            Ireland [Law and Business]

                            Liechtenstein [Business Law, Company, Trust, etc.]

                            Luxembourg [Business Law, Investment, etc.]

                            Poland [Business Law]

[Banking and Financial Services]

                            Russia   [Business Law, Company, Taxation, etc.]

[Banking, Finance, Investment]

                            Slovakia [Law and Business]

[Trade, Investment and Other Business]

                            Switzerland [Law – Company, Finance, etc.]


                            United Kingdom [Banking]


[Investment and Wealth Management]

[Other Financial Services and Miscellaneous Issues]


              Middle East [Islamic/Business Law] [Banking and Finance]


                            Bahrain [Law, Business, Investment]

                            Kuwait  [Law, Trade, Investment and Other Business]

                            Qatar    [Law and Business]

                            Saudi Arabia [Business Law]

[Banking and Finance]

                            United Arab Emirates [Law and Business]


              South America/Latin America/Mercosur [Business Law]

[Banking and Financial Issues]


                            Argentina [Law, Banking, Investment and Other Business Issues]


              Offshore Financial Centers [Offshore Trust and Offshore Asset Management]


                            Bahamas [Law and Business]

                            Bermuda [Business Law, Insurance and Investment]

                            British Virgin Islands [Business Law, Investment and Trust]

                            Cayman Islands [Business Law]

                            Guernsey [Business Law]

                            Isle of Man [Company, Taxation and Investment Laws]

                            Jersey   [Business Law]

                            Nauru   [Business Law]



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