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Books on Offshore Financial Laws and Taxation


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Rose-Marie Antoine, Legal Aspects of Offshore Financial Law: Confidentiality in Offshore Financial Law & Offshore Trusts and Related Tax Issues in Offshore Financial Law, Oxford University Press, 2005.



Dennis Campbell, Susan Cotter, Offshore Trusts: The Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business : Special Issue, 1995, Kluwer Law Intl, 1996.



R. D. Fraser, J. R. Wood, John Wood, Tolley's Taxation of Offshore Trusts & Funds, Hyperion Books, 1992.



Partner Consultant Editors: Simon Jennings Rawlinson & Hunter Partner Joseph A Field Bryan Cave, Partner Anthony Travers Obe Maples And Calder Europe, Tolley's Planning and Administration of Offshore and Onshore Trusts, Tolley Publishing Co Ltd., 2001.



David L. McKee, Don E. Garner, Yosra AbuAmara McKee, Offshore Financial Centers, Accounting Services and the Global Economy, Quorum Books, 2000.



Christopher Hunter, The Law of Offshore Asset Protection, Carolina Academic Pr, 2004.




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