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Books on Isle of Man: Company, Taxation and Investment Laws


Mark Solly, Government and Law in the Isle of Man, Parallel Books, 1994. 「マン島における政府と法律」



CHARLES A. CAIN, Guarantee and Hybrid Companies in the Isle of Man, Jordan Pub, 2004. 「マン島におけるギャランティー・カンパニー[保証会社]とハイブリッド・カンパニー」



Mark Solly, Taxation of Companies in the Isle of Man, Parallel Books, 1997. 「マン島における法人税」



United Kingdom National Committee of Comparative Law, A bibliographical guide to the law of the United Kingdom,: The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, University of London, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1973. 「イギリス連合王国の法制史ガイド-チャネル諸島とマン島」



The Isle of Man Research Group, A Strategic Profile of Isle of Man, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series), Icon Group International, Inc., 2000. 「マン島の戦略的側面」



USA International Business Publications, Isle of Man Offshore Investment and Business Guide (World Offshore Investment and Business Library), Intl Business Pubns USA, 2001. 「マン島オフショア投資とビジネス案内」




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