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Books on Hungary: Business Laws


Ibp USA, Hungary Business Law Handbook, International Business Publications, USA, 2003. 「ハンガリー・ビジネス法律ハンドブック」



Klara Oppenheim, Jenny Power, Eva Fried-Kallos, Ulrike Rein, Adam Mattyrs, Ilona Banheygyi, Laszlo Lehmann, Akos Mester, Gyula Hock, Judit Nador, Hungarian Business Law - Second Revised Edition, Martinus Nijhoff, 1998. 「ハンガリーのビジネス関連法」



Ferenc Madl, Lajos Vekas, Law of Conflicts and Foreign Trade, Akademiai Kiado, 1987. 「国際私法と外国貿易」



K. Mildwaters, M. Lewis, J. Simpson, Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Hungary (Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Eastern Europe), Longman Publishing Group, 1993. 「ハンガリーにおける事業の法的側面(東欧における事業の法的側面)




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