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Books on Hungary: Banking, Investment and Other Business


The Financial Services Research Group, Banking and Financial Services in Hungary: A Strategic Entry Report, 1999 (Strategic Planning Series), Icon Group International, Inc., 1999. 「ハンガリーにおける銀行業と金融サービス-戦略的参入リポート」



Euromonitor International, Financial Cards in Hungary, MarketResearch.com, 2004. 「ハンガリーにおける金融カード」



USA International Business Publications, Hungary Investment & Business Opportunities Yearbook (World Investment & Business Opportunities Library), International Business Publications, USA; Second Ed (Updated Annually). 「ハンガリー投資ビジネス機会年鑑」



Bartomiej Kaminski, Michelle Riboud, World Bank, Foreign Investment and Restructuring: The Evidence from Hungary (World Bank Technical Paper), World Bank Publications, 2000. 「外国投資とリストラクチャリング-ハンガリーでの実証」



USA International Business Publications, Hungary Government and Business Contacts Handbook (World Investment and Business Library), International Business Publications, USA. 「ハンガリー政府と企業関係者の連絡先」



Jonathan Reuvid, Nick Sljivic, Doing Business with Hungary, 3e, Kogan Page, 2001. 「ハンガリーとの取引」




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