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Books on Hong Kong: Banking, Taxation and Other Financial Laws


Hong Kong China, Monetary and banking laws of Hong Kong, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 1997. 「香港の通貨と銀行業についての法令」



Joseph Jude Norton, C. J. Li, Yang Xin Huang, Yangxin Huang, Financial Regulation in the Greater China Area - Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong SAR, Kluwer Law Intl, 2000. 「中国圏における金融規制-中国本土、台湾及び香港」



Law relating to banking in Hong Kong (HKU Press law series), Hong Kong University Press, 1994. 「香港における銀行関連の法律」



Berry Fong-Chung Hsu, Berry F.C. Hsu, Laws of Banking and Finance in the Hong Kong Sar, Hong Kong Univ Pr, 1998. 「香港における銀行と金融の法律」



International Law & Taxation Publishers, Hong Kong Banking Ordinance, International Law and Taxation Publishers, 2001. 「香港銀行条例」



International Law & Taxation Publishers, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance, International Law and Taxation Publishers, 2001. 「香港内国歳入条例/税法」



David Flux, David G. Smith, Hong Kong Taxation: Law and Practice 2003-04, Chinese University Press, 2004. 「香港の税制-法律と実務」



International Law & Taxation Publishers, Hong Kong Trust Laws, International Law and Taxation Publishers, 2001. 「香港の信託法」




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