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Books on China: Joint Ventures, Foreign Companies Law


Kathy Butler, The Life and Death of a Joint Venture in China, Asia Law & Practice, 1996. 「中国における合弁事業の誕生と死」



Heidi Dahles, Harry Wels, Culture, Organization and Management in East Asia: Doing Business in China, Nova Science Publishers, 2002. 「東アジアにおける文化、組織と経営-中国でのビジネス」



Francois De Bauw, Stefan Messmann, European Association for Chinese Law Standing Committee for Standard C, Equity Joint Ventures With Chinese Partners: Practical Alternatives, Intl Book Import Service, 1991. 「中国提携企業との株式合弁事業」



Pitman B. Potter, Foreign Business Law in China: Past Progress and Future Challenges, 1990 Institute, 1995. 「中国における外国事業法-発展史と未来への挑戦」




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