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Books on China: Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer


Cheng-ssu Cheng, Intellectual property enforcement in China: Leading cases and commentary (The China law series), Sweet & Maxwell Asia. 1997. 「中国における知的財産権の執行-事例とコメンタリー」



Hong Xue, Software protection in China: A complete guide (The China law series), Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 1999. 「中国におけるソフトウェア保護-完全ガイド」



Richard J. Goossen, Technology Transfer in the Peoples' Republic of China: Law and Practice, Martinus Nijhoff, 1987. 「中華人民共和国における技術移転-法律と実務」



Peter Chong (Editor), Paul Davies (Editor), Frances Drummond (Editor), Lindsay Esler (Editor), Rembert Meyer-Rochow (Editor), Paul Scholefield (Editor), Annie Tsoi (Editor), David Ben Kay (Editor), Beth A. Bunnell (Editor), Joseph T. Simone (Editor), Winnie Yue (Editor), Shirley Kwok (Editor), Pitman B. Potter (Editor), Ella Chong (Editor), IP Protection in China: The Law, Asia Law & Practice, 1998. 「中国におけるIP保護-法律」



Deli Yang, Intellectual Property and Doing Business in China, Pergamon, 2003. 「知的財産権と中国でのビジネス」



Robert Haibin Hu, Guide to China Copyright Law Studies (Chinese law series), William S Hein & Co, 2000. 「中国著作権法研究ガイド」



Connie Carter, Law of Trademarks, Brands and Domain Names in China, Routledge/Curzon, 2004. 「中国における商標、ブランド及びドメイン名に関する法律」



Tan Loke Khoon, Clifford Borg-Marks, Trade Mark Law in the People's Republic of China, Oxford University Press, 1998. 「中華人民共和国における商標法」




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