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Books on China: Contract, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution


Jingzhou Tao, Arbitration Law and Practice in China, International Law Publications, 2003. 「中国における仲裁法と実務」



Jianhua Zhong, Mark Williams, Foreign Trade Contract Law in China (China Law Series), Thomson Professional Pub Cn, 1998. 「中国における外国貿易契約法」



Wei Luo, The Contract Law of the People's Republic of China: With English Translation and Introduction (China Law Series, 2), William S. Hein & Company, 1999. 「中華人民共和国の契約法-英訳と紹介」



Tahirih Lee, Tahirih V. Lee, Contract, Guanxi, and Dispute Resolution in China (Chinese Law: Social, Political, Historical, and Economic Perspectives), Garland Publishing, 1997. 「中国における契約、コネ、紛争解決」



Priscilla Leung Mei Fun, Selected Works of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Awards, Thomson Professional Pub Cn, 1995. 「中国の国際経済貿易仲裁委員会の裁定」



Ralph H. Folsom, W. Davis Folsom, International Business Agreements in the People's Republic of China: Readings and Materials, Kluwer Law Intl, 1997. 「中華人民共和国における国際事業契約」



Bingqing Yu, Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China, Foreign Languages Press, 1999. 「中華人民共和国の民事訴訟法」



Thomas Weishing Huang, Trade Remedies: Law of Dumping, Subsidies and Safeguards in China, Kluwer Law International, 2003. 「貿易における救済-中国におけるダンピング、助成金及び保護の法律」



William C. Jones, Basic Principles of Civil Law in China (Chinese Studies on China), M. E. Sharpe, 1989. 「中国における民事法の基本原則」




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